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We deliver stronger stories for stronger schools with the help of incredibly talented, big-hearted content experts. To name a few:

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Cheryl E. Fisher

Head of Creative



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Developer & Artist


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Ready to strengthen your story?

HelloMethod can help.


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Thank you for learning about HelloMethod.

I am proud of the work we do and happy to share how we got here.

Yes, I am the founder of Hellomethod. I have other titles too: mom, private school parent, PTA chair, entrepreneur, marketer, partner, teacher, dreamer.

My background is in media. Sexy, wild media. I worked alongside the bravest minds in creativity for many years. With every brand and project, we pushed new boundaries in branding, content and marketing.

Then I became: Mom.

And if I thought the world of media was competitive and dynamic, the new world I was experiencing was even more so: private school selection, admissions and enrollment.

I re-entered academia as a loving, protective and enthusiastic new Mom looking for the very best for my children.


The search was on.

I visited extraordinary schools. I met extraordinary leaders. And when I pulled out viewbooks and visited websites, I was struck by an extraordinary disconnect.  

The schools thrilled me, yet their stories and materials fell flat.

Schools deserve better.

I started HelloMethod to apply everything I learned in media to help schools of all kinds tell their stories through powerful marketing. Stronger stories will lead stronger schools. And, frankly, there is nothing more important in the world.


A story well told will give you wings.

Here’s to stronger stories for stronger schools,


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Cheryl E. Fisher
Head of Creative & Founder | HelloMethod
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Cheryl E. Fisher founded HelloMethod to help schools of all kinds grow through powerful marketing.

Audience engagement is Cheryl’s founding principle for HelloMethod. She knows the commitment to understanding your audience is the key to delivering real and ongoing results –  for all schools and all businesses. Her perspective comes from her leadership positions at innovative media and education companies like Getty Images, Omnicom Group and GEMS Education, as well as her consulting work with a host of amazing clients.

A lifelong learner and teacher, Cheryl is an instructor for Brand School by BrandTwist, where she helps entrepreneurs and small businesses transform their brands.

Cheryl loves rediscovering the world with her husband and two spirited children. Having lived in New York City, London and Sydney, she now enjoys life in Westchester, NY.  Every fall, you can find her mobilizing volunteers at the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival because she believes every child should have a book in their hands. Always.

Cheryl earned her MA in Strategic Communications from Columbia University and Westminster University. She earned her BA from Lehigh University. She is still earning her MA in life.

You can reach Cheryl at