End of Year Surveys: 3 Questions to Ask

Now is the most important time to survey your school community.

We are not just talking about the critical parent satisfaction survey. We are talking about surveys with your entire learning community including your faculty, staff, alumni, supporting school partners and students (yes, students!).

When you ask the right questions of the right people and analyze the responses with an open mind, you will gain great insight for a stronger story.

Here are 3 open-ended questions to include in your next survey for a stronger story.

1. How do you describe (your school) to friends and family?

The answers to this question will help you tap into the real language your community uses when they speak about your school. Look at their carefully chosen words for sentiment and satisfaction. Also use these words when you write about your school. They will help you craft a story that is authentic and connects with your audiences.

2. What is your most memorable moment of this school year? 

This ties directly to the advice we shared in How to Build an Award Winning Website and Logo. Unique moments are at the core of a stronger story. The answers will help you identify the moments you should dig into and share.

3. What do you think is the most important investment (your school) should make over the next 12 months?

The answers will give you insight into the priorities, aspirations and issues concerning your audience that you can anticipate and address in your school’s story.

In a crunch to get your surveys up and out?  We can help.

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Did you already send a survey and need help making meaningful sense of the results?

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Let’s get started on your survey this week. You will be on your way to greater insights for a stronger story by next Monday!


Let’s survey together,


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