Audience is at the core

Knowing your audience is the only way to get creative and develop a stronger story for a stronger school. This is why, for the next few weeks, we will share ideas on how you can strengthen your understanding of your audience.

To warm up, here are the 3 core audience principles we practice at HelloMethod:



Families with children of a certain age, who live in certain zip codes, and have achieved a certain level of household income are NOT your audience. They are a demographic. Resist the urge to think about your audience in this way. Demographics are way too broad and anonymous to develop creative and compelling stories for your school. You need to get real, which brings us to…



You need to look at your audience as real people with real lives, interests, needs and aspirations. Many different characters will emerge, especially for a school with a large, diverse community. When you look at individuals who make up your audience you will begin to notice those who represent your ideal – you would love more people just like them to support your school. With your ideal in mind, it is time to…



Once you realize your ideal audience, it is time to dive deep into the details of who they really are. And we mean the nitty-gritty details: What’s their name? What does their day look like? What does a family meal look like? What do they like to read? What keeps them up at night? And so on… These details will uncover thoughts about how you reach your ideal audience.


Our 3 principles are just the tip of the iceberg. We will go further with tips and tools to help you continue to think about your audience and strengthen your story.


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