Our Method

Our method is built upon years of experience working with the bravest minds in creativity and a lifelong learning commitment to powerful marketing and stronger stories.

Our Process

Process Final


We learn your story.

We learn about what motivates your community to support your school through the art of conversation and the science of active listening, complete immersion and creative research techniques.

We learn the essence of your story and what makes  your school unique and intriguing.

We learn about your audience and what makes them lean in to support your school and take action.


We focus your story.

We focus on how to tell your story.

We focus on what matters to your community and strengthen your messaging through our proven content techniques.

We focus on core themes to express your story. These themes provide clear direction for how you tell your story in the most compelling, relevant and ‘take-action’ way.



We deliver your story.

We adopt best practices across all message points to share the essence of your story.


We use every opportunity to share your story with your audience.

With your story shared, we help build a stronger school.


Ready to know your audience?

Your school's audience is at the core of HelloMethod.

To get to the essence of your school and share your story it with those who need to hear it most, you need to understand your audience. Your audience is the gateway to strengthen bonds with your entire learning community; from prospective parents, to school faculty and alumni, to potential donors and community influencers.

Commitment to understanding your audience is the key to delivering real and ongoing results. Without your audience, you have no story.

Your audience is where we always start to learn, focus and deliver your story.

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Every new project starts with the HelloPLAN. We dedicate time learning about your school, focusing on your immediate priorities and long term goals and delivering a meaningful, customized proposal.


We love to work with schools of all kinds - from early years education and K-12 to University and beyond.
We would love to learn more about your school and how we can work with you to strengthen your story.
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