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The 2018 List to Learn From

Here is our countdown of 8 blogs to follow in 2018.
Each offers straight talk, fresh perspectives and strong ideas for school marketers everywhere.

Every marketer should follow Seth. He keeps us sharp on the power of a point of view and shows us how bold editing will set your marketing apart.

Tim Ferris keeps us going. He helps us be productive every day, live big and be curious about everything.

We love good design. Check out ideas from new artists and bold brands to inspire your next creative project.

We really love good design. This team shares a designer's view of the universe and keeps us current on trends and work that inspires.

Learn best practices in modern marketing. From SEO to content to enrollment success, Hubspot covers the nuts and bolts of it all.

Learn how to design and deliver emails your audience will actually read and enjoy. Plus, with these tips, you will actually enjoy writing them.

InspirED keeps us sharp on issues specifically impacting private school marketing and inspires us to create every day.


Yes, this is us! Every Monday, we share lists to learn from (just like this one), methods to focus your school's story, and tools to deliver it to those who need to hear it most.

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