Survey Time – Keep It Simple.

It’s that time of year again. Survey time.

Here is our advice for your end-of-2018 survey:
 Keep it simple. Keep it fast. Do it now. Keep it simple.Do not overcomplicate this survey. The most appropriate times for comprehensive surveys are the beginning and close of your academic year. Those times are when you can go deep and ask a lot of your audience. But leading up to the end of the year, you have to keep it simple.

All of your audiences –  parents, students, faculty – are racing to their personal 2018 finish lines. You do not want to add to their end of year stress, you simply want to lean in and check in. Keep it fast.To keep it fast, focus.
 1. Focus on what is new.What did you implement that was new for this academic year? Did you launch new programs, new initiatives, new facilities or new approaches to engage? 

Focus on what is new vs. asking broad questions about your school and brand. Your survey will be more meaningful and easier for your audience to respond to.
 2. Focus on the one number you need to grow.Once you hone in on what was new, use this opportunity to gauge the satisfaction and loyalty of your audiences with the one number you need to grow: your net promoter score. 

Ask two powerful questions:On a scale of 0-10, how would you rank the quality of XXX?(0=Terrible, 10=Superb)On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend XXX?(0=Unlikely, 10= Very likely)

The responses will help you identify promoters, passives, and detractors of your new programs and build strategies for growth*.
Do it now.
You may be thinking, “My (parents, faculty, students) are way too busy to focus on sharing feedback right now, I’ll push this in January.”

Don’t. Do it now.If you keep it simple and fast, there is no reason to wait. Include your powerful questions in your newsletters and posts now.

Then you can start 2019 by sharing learnings and plans to push forward rather than a request to look back.

*We will help you explore what to do with this valuable intel next week.
Before you go, please help us grow. Share your simple, fast feedback now: 

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