The 2019 list to learn from

What is this list?

This is our round-up of the people and brands we follow and learn from every day. Their ideas are incredibly helpful for school marketers everywhere – especially when you want to share a stronger story for your school.

Whether you are working on brand strategy, updates to your website, a social campaign to promote your next open house, or improving the design of your next email, this list of resources will help school marketers everywhere.

What stays strong in 2019?

Our lists are anything but fleeting. We follow credible, established and optimistic thought leaders. You’ll find strong, consistent resources with Seth Godin still at the helm of all things marketing, IDEO + The Octopus still inspiring us with good design, and InspirED still keeping us amped on international school marketing trends.

What’s new in 2019?

More creativity:

We are passionate about creativity and have added Inspire from Creative Review for a daily dose of new ideas. They focus on ideas to help you make the most of Facebook and Instagram, which we know are a strong part of your marketing mix.

More outward optimism:

In case you don’t know this about us yet, we are extremely focused on brands your audience loves when we look for inspiration (check out SoulCycle, Adidas, and Amazon as examples). We call this outward optimism.

To help you tap into this mindset, we’ve also added  @M2Moms and @joannagaines. Check out the full list to learn from:

The 2019 List to learn from

Here is our round-up of the 10 leaders to learn from in 2019. Each offers straight talk, fresh perspectives and strong ideas for school marketers everywhere.

For a stronger mindset:


Every marketer should follow Seth. He keeps us sharp on the power of a point of view and shows us how bold editing will set your marketing apart.

For stronger connections with millennial parents:

#2 @M2Moms

M2Moms holds a conference every year dedicated to helping brands connect with mothers. Moms (of course) are a significant audience for all schools. Right around conference time, their Twitter feed blows up with great articles on brands that are going a great job (or not) marketing to moms. There is a lot to learn from here and it is worth keeping your eye on them.

#3 @joannagaines

Adding Joanna Gaines to a thought leadership list to help school marketers everywhere may seem random. I assure you, it is not. @joannagaines has over 9.7M followers on Instagram alone. Chances are a few of your most beloved school parents are following her and so should you.

You can follow her because she is fabulous but as a school marketer you should also follow her because she is strategic. Her brand is strong because her story is strong. She is thoughtful, authentic and engaging.

Observe what she shares and how she shares it. She shares a well crafted behind-the-scenes story of her inspiring and aspirational environment. There is a lot you can learn from her as you share the story of your inspiring and aspirational school environment.

For stronger design:


Follow for your daily dose of good design plus ideas to help you make the most of Facebook and Instagram – two channels that make up an important part of every school’s marketing mix.

#5. IDEO + The Octopus

We really love good design. This team shares a designer’s view of the universe and keeps us current on trends and work that inspires.

For stronger tactics:


Learn best practices in modern marketing. From SEO to content to enrollment success, Hubspot covers the nuts and bolts of it all.


Learn how to design and deliver emails your audience will actually read and enjoy. Plus, with these tips, you will actually enjoy writing them.

#8. SchneiderB Media

You may already know Brendan Schneider for all his school marketing advice. Now you can start learning from how he shares his advice. He is an inbound marketing whiz and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sharing content, building lists and being found. Watch how he does it and learn from it.

For stronger school marketing insights:

#9. InspirED

InspirED keeps us sharp on issues specifically impacting private school marketing and inspires us to create every day.

#10. HelloMethod

Yes, this is us! Every Monday, we share lists to learn from (just like this one), methods to focus your school’s story, and tools to deliver it to those who need to hear it most. Sign up now: