School marketers need to adopt outward optimism for a stronger story

Outward optimism is absolutely key for a stronger story – for schools, for EDU companies, and for any brand looking to really stand out from their competition. 

Outward optimism is the skill and commitment to look outside your own industry for creative and strategic inspiration. Our friends at IDEO refer to it as analogous research. Our friends at Brand School by BrandTwist call it the TWIST. 

No matter what you call it, outward optimism needs to be constant and wide-eyed in order to find inspiration in ways that move you beyond your industry.

When you adopt outward optimism, you will discover new ways of sharing your school’s story. 

Outward optimism is a big part of our promise to school marketers, which is formalized in our manifesto. 

Keep following us and we will help you sharpen your outward optimism and bring you new ideas every Monday to keep your stories strong. 

Here are few to get you started:

Here’s to the thrill of outward optimism. 

See you next Monday,  

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