Millennials are a big deal for school marketers

Millennials are a big deal for school marketers. We always need to think about millennial parents as we share our stories. We need to think about how they want to hear our stories, the questions they demand (immediate) answers to, and the most effective strategies to build smarter campaigns that help them lean in.

Here are strong reminders on tactics that work when marketing to millennials.

  • User-generated content works: Your current millennial parents are your most valuable resource when it comes to sharing your school’s story.
  • Instagram works: Use IG to share personal and sincere experiences and stories from your campus.
  • YouTube works: Millennials (and Gen-Z) watch YouTube and it should be a priority in your marketing mix.
  • Influencer marketing works: Stay connected with bloggers and social media influencers who target the same millennial parent audience as your school.
  • Mobile needs to work: We are all on our phones. Your school’s story needs to work on that small, smart screen. Here are a few more tips to make sure your story works on the phone.

Here’s to stronger stories that work for your Millennial audiences. They are a big deal.

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