What school marketers can learn from Adidas

Last week we started talking about strong website design for today’s audience with the One-Click-Like-Amazon Test.

Usability, SImplicity, and strong messaging are all characteristics of strong design

Sounds simple, right?

Yes, but usability, simplicity and strong messaging are not always easy to achieve – especially when you have many layers to communicate about your school’s dynamic approach to learning.

An outward mindset will help. 

When you need inspiration for keeping your site clean and fresh, look to brands beyond your independent school peers for design ideas.

Take Adidas for example.

Adidas is relatable and aspirational for multiple independent school personas.

Here’s what impresses us most about Adidas:


Adidas helps their visitors get to the information they need easily. Check out how they help visitors get to information for men, women, kids, and general exploration quickly and beautifully.

You can apply the same design technique to help your visitors get to the information they need easily. Use your homepage design to highlight your lower school, middle school or upper school as well as core subject areas to help your audience get to where they need to be.


Notice how Adidas keeps it clean with simple images that focus on one subject, bold statements that use few words, and whitespace.

We especially like the clean design of the navigation menu. They do a great job organizing a lot of information into an easy to read, easy to navigate menu that is also beautiful. They keep it simple with few words, few options and a lot of whitespace. You can do the same.


Take a look at how Adidas shares information about Sports.

They resist the urge to talk about all the sports they support and participate in. Instead, they strategically focus on four areas that set the Adidas brand apart.

You can apply this approach to how you express the strengths of your school. Rather than speak about every subject area that is expected of an innovative school, focus on specific areas that highlight what sets your school apart.  

Highlight areas that are powerful, motivational and strong.

Just like Adidas.

We hope Adidas makes an impression on you and inspires a few ideas for incremental design improvements for your school’s story.

See you next Monday,  

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