A reminder about moms for school marketers

What do all moms have in common?

The phone.

No matter their backgrounds, children’s ages, HHI, or whether they work or not, they all have phones all the time. See for yourself:

The biggest lesson from this portrait: Your story needs to work on the phone. 

We’re not talking about creating a mobile-friendly site – that would be too obvious.

We’re talking about making sure the story you are sharing about your school really works for moms when they have a millisecond to check that email, look up your tuition, or schedule a tour.

Here are three reminders to make sure your school’s story works for every mom:

#1. Big font. Small word count.

99% of your story is reaching moms through their phones and those screens are small. We’re talking 5-6 inches small.  You need to make sure your story can actually be seen.

This means bigger fonts and less overall copy.

Be vigilant about cutting down your word count across all of your emails and your website.

Less copy means you need to be more selective about the words you use, which will help strengthen your tone of voice and the overall message you want to get across.

#2. less pages. more scroll.

The best apps these days scroll. And scroll. And scroll.

Apply this to your school’s story.

Don’t frustrate moms by making them click and get lost in the layers of pages of your site with no way back.

Your story should powerfully unfold with a scroll. Save additional pages and clicks for the most important actions you want moms to take.

#3. one click like amazon.

Moms are spoiled by Amazon. Amazon just makes everything so easy.

Keep this in mind as you develop your emails and website.

Whatever action you want moms to take, make it happen in one-click-like-Amazon

See you next Monday,  

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