School marketing needs soul(cycle)

We always share lessons in strong design from brands millennial parents love. We learn from Amazon. We learn from Adidas. Today we learn from SoulCycle.

SoulCycle is much more than a host of beautiful, innovative spin class facilities. SoulCycle has achieved cult status with millennial parents and is an inspiration when it comes to strong messaging. We love to follow what they are doing across their content marketing. Here are three areas school marketers can be inspired by:

#1: New rider Experience

SoulCycle’s new rider experience begins on their website.  They promise an experience that will help you emerge feeling stronger and create energy with bold imagery and words. For their cult community, this feels right, but for new riders, this could generate a few nerves of anticipation.

SoulCycle does a great job helping prospective fans prepare for their first ride. They go beyond the schedule of classes and costs. They outline the prep, the arrival, the set up and the ride. They do this so new riders feel ready, confident and excited as they walk into the studio.

How can you apply this ‘new rider experience’ to your ‘new prospective parent experience’ through your website and admissions page? What can you share beyond application deadlines and tuition fees to help prospective parents feel ready, confident and excited to take the next step?

Take a few cues from SoulCycle and you will help prospective parents feel stronger about their journey with your school.

#2: Instructors with Soul

The instructors are what take SoulCycle far above average and deliver an experience that is soulful and unique. SoulCycle shows (vs. tells) how their team creates an uplifting experience that brings the best out of their riders. Their instructors take center stage throughout their website.

We talk a lot about faculty stories and how they can set your school’s story apart. Take some inspiration from how SoulCycle profiles their instructors to how you can profile your faculty beyond the standard directory.

What real, personal details can you add to your teacher profiles that are relevant to what makes your school unique? What can you share that expresses how your teachers bring the very best out of your students? How can you share a little more soul?

#3: Backed by a Mantra

Behind SoulCycle’s strong messaging is a strong Brand Mantra. SoulCycle doesn’t sound or look like any other fitness facility because they know what they stand for, have a strong POV and focus in on specific areas where they excel. This is critical to achieving strong messaging.

While SoulCycle titles this strategic filter as a Brand Mantra, we refer to this important tool as a manifesto. Every school marketing team should have one. Your manifesto is your powerful promise that strategically influences every messaging and design decision you make.

For another example, check out the HelloMethod Manifesto. It is the backbone to everything we write, design and share. It keeps us on point and challenges us to deliver on individuality, creativity, and outward optimism.

When you are ready to take on a stronger manifesto, stronger faculty stories or a stronger admissions page, let’s talk. We are ready to do this with you.

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