Authentic content for school marketers: be sincere

Our take on "authentic" and "sincere"

As content marketers, we are always talking about being authentic. We know:

  • Authentic content marketing matters now more than ever.
  • Millennial parents respond to and share authentic content.
  • Gen-Z prospects demand authentic content and accept nothing less.

To be authentic means to be genuine, accurate, reliable, and original – all qualities that our school marketing should have. But here’s the thing: “Authentic” has become such a buzzword in marketing that it seems to often lack authenticity itself (ironic, right?).

We believe that what we are really striving for across content marketing is not just to be authentic, but to be ‘sincere.’

Being sincere means to share how the people in your learning community feel about your school and to share what is truly from the heart when it comes to your school’s story.

Being sincere in your storytelling will help your content be more emotive, heartfelt, and profound. Sincere stories will always attract and engage at a deeper level with your audience.

So, as you develop your next piece of content, think about how you can be more sincere in your approach in addition to authentic.

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