GEN-Z Insights School Marketers need to pay attention to

We hear it all the time: Prospective students are more involved than ever in deciding where they will enroll in school. This new generation has significant weight in the final decision and their influence is growing rapidly.  

You need to share your school’s story with a focus on this generation, which is no other than Generation Z. To help, here are 3 insights about Gen-Z you need to apply to your school’s story. 

#1: They want real

Of all the generations you are trying to connect with, Gen-Z has the least amount of trust in marketing. They see right through perfectly touched-up content and they are not impressed. To engage Gen-Z, you need to be authentic and relatable.

How to apply this insight to your school’s story:

To be truly authentic, look to your current Gen-Z students to help develop stronger stories around their successes and perspectives. Experiment with how to allow your Gen-Z students to take the reins of certain elements of your school’s story.  Develop a strong brief and give them strong direction, then allow them to create.

Start by giving them a ‘column’ on your blog or a story stream on your Instagram or Snap-chat. If you are braver, give them the creative freedom to share your faculty stories.

Whatever you choose to experiment with, allow true Gen-Z voices to shine through. Of course, you should edit – just resist the urge to create.

#2: Their digital world is on mobile

Gen-Z has never known a world without unlimited digital access. And when it comes to digital access, they are on their phones. Gen-Z is the generation that is much more exclusive on mobile and less so on laptops compared to other generations.

How to apply this insight to your school’s story:

First: Your story needs to work on mobile. We are not just talking about a website that works on mobile. We are talking about content that is easy to consume for the mobile user. And your most influential and important mobile user is your prospective Gen-Z student.

When Gen-Z checks out your school on mobile, is it easy for them to get to what they want or do they have to scroll, click and sift through a lot of other messaging before they finally find it?

Second: Your tour needs to work with mobile. When a prospective Gen-Z student is touring your school, you need to make sure they can access the internet at every step.

Plus, your tour is a social experience. For Gen-Z, social means mobile. Make sure your tour is social-media-friendly. Create spaces that are snap and insta-worthy. This can be as simple as empowering # signs posted along the way.

#3: They are well-informed… with YouTube

When it comes to learning something new, Gen-Z places weight on the opinions of influencers on YouTube. How-to videos are all the rage. In fact, Gen-Z is using YouTube in place of traditional sources of information (for better or worse).

How to apply this insight to your school’s story:

Experiment more with video to share your story. Don’t forget, Gen-Z also wants real. Go beyond more beautifully produced sizzle reels showcasing the best of your campus.

Think about creating videos that share real, personal journeys and How-to tips when it comes to learning about the unique experience of your school.  This is another great space to experiment with getting your very own Gen-Z students involved in sharing your school’s story. 

Our key takeaway from all of these insights:

Be Real and inclusive.

It is the only way to really connect with the influential GEN-Z.

See you next Monday,  

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