Get Ready to Focus on Your Audience in 2020

Focusing on your audience is the most important thing you can do as a school marketer to develop a stronger story for your school in 2020. Here are 3 core audience principles to reflect on as you get warmed up for a strong 2020. 

1. Resist the urge to demo in 2020

Families with children of a certain age, who live in certain zip codes, and have achieved a certain level of household income are NOT your audience. They are a demographic. Resist the urge to think about your audience in this way in 2020. Demographics are way too broad and anonymous to develop creative and compelling stories for your school. You need to get real. Really real.

2. Focus on real details in 2020

You need to think of your audience as real people with real lives, interests, needs, and aspirations – not just prospective families that fit within a broad demographic. Focus on the real people who are already a part of your school’s community. Many different characters will emerge in your mind, especially for a school with a large, diverse community.

Focus in on the real details of these individuals beyond their names, ethnicities, and occupations.  What are their favorite brands, restaurants and vacation spots?  What does a family meal really look like? What do they really read and listen to? What are the apps they really use every day?

These are important details to focus on in order to gain insight for a stronger story in 2020.

3. Practice outward optimism in 2020

Honing in on the real details of your audience will help you gain insight from unexpected sources in 2020. Once you focus on your audience’s favorite brands, books and apps far outside your campus grounds, you can look outward for ideas that can influence your creative execution as a school marketer.

We call this technique outward optimism and it is the commitment to look outside your own industry for creative and strategic inspiration. In the spirit of outward optimism, what can you learn from the real details of your audience for a stronger story in 2020?

What can you learn from their favorite app (AmazonPrime, anyone?), favorite weekend workout (SoulCycle, anyone?) or favorite sporting equipment (adidas, anyone?) that can help you with a stronger story in 2020?

Here’s to focusing on your audience for a stronger story in 2020.

Happy New Year and see you next Monday,

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