The list school marketers should follow in 2020

Here is the list of thought-leaders we believe every school marketer should follow in 2020. We call it The 2020 List to Learn From. It is our round-up of the people we follow and learn from every day. Their ideas are helpful for school marketers everywhere.

The 2020 List to learn from

Mark Ritson from Marketing Week keeps us close to brands doing great (and not so great) things when it comes to storytelling. He provides a tremendous library to feed our commitment to outward optimism

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Digiday was a big part of our past lives in the media industry. They still keep us sharp when it comes to pervasive digital trends. Their posts inspire actionable ideas for everyone in marketing. Follow Digiday + to stay close to everything digital. 

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We love strong design. The team at The Octopus by IDEO shares a designer’s view of the universe and keeps us current on trends and ideas that inspire us to keep pushing our design thinking. 

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Learn best practices in modern marketing with the Hubspot marketing blog. Hubspot covers everything from SEO to enrollment nurturing. 

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You may already know Brendan Schneider for his advice for school marketers. He is a real inbound marketing whiz and shares very practical advice for school marketers everywhere.

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The Brilliance Awards showcase is a great library of school marketing examples. We follow them to keep an eye on the latest in school-specific marketing. You can too.

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Here’s to stronger stories, stronger digital content and stronger marketing for schools everywhere in 2020.

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