Get ready for a stronger summer program

It is time to think about summer. It is only January, but we know parents have summer on their minds. They are dreaming of warmer days, exploring the vast array of enriching summer options, and solidifying their plans. 

This means it is a busy time for school marketers who need to share a strong story about their summer program – one that is vibrant, differentiating and connects with their school values.

Today we are sharing a working example of a stronger story to inspire all of you who need to work on your summer programs. We hope it gets you ready to share a stronger story and, as always, we are here if you need help.

Say Hello to a stronger story for bancroft summer

We are working closely with Bancroft Summer to establish a strong brand, visual identity, and website dedicated to their enriching summer program. Below is an initial showcase of their stronger story including a snapshot of their new inquiry landing page, inquiry postcard, and creative content. 

A stronger, bolder, more vibrant visual identity:

(in comparison, check out the before:


a Stronger Landing Page to capture inquiries:

A stronger Postcard Design that expresses their school values:

Stronger Content that shares their brand personality & value:

We hope this initial showcase inspires a stronger story for your summer program. If you are ready for a stronger summer program, we can help you.  Let’s talk soon about your summer program story needs. 

See you next Monday,

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