How to write a stronger faculty story

Faculty stories are powerful for sharing a stronger story for your school.

Moment of truth: Do you stick your faculty stories in a box?

The box we are referring to is the Faculty Directory.

Your faculty members have amazing stories, yet we often see faculty members stripped of their stories and stuck in the Faculty Directory box with a static headshot and a basic profile (name, title, department).

Your faculty members deserve more. 

Your school’s story deserves more. 

Your prospective families deserve more. 

Break out of the box and start sharing stronger faculty stories. Here’s how:


1. Forget the BIo. Write a Stronger Story.

If your Directory allows your audience to click to learn more about your faculty members (which it should), forget the basic bio. Sure, degrees and work experiences matter, but stronger stories matter more. 

Stronger stories express diversity of thought, innovation in education, authenticity, and real connections. They are thoughtfully crafted and share the value of the individual and your school in a considered way.

Approach each faculty story with your school’s strategic story framework in mind. What is the overarching message you want to share about your school? What are the three most important story pillars that each piece of your school’s content need to tie back to?

With clear direction from your story framework, you are ready to approach stronger faculty stories and move on to build interview questions, draft copy, create headlines, and establish a template that will help you conquer many faculty stories. 

2. Forget the headshot. Curate real images.

We see so many innovative schools represent their greatest faculty members with a static headshot. This approach does not reflect the dynamic nature of the people who make up your school’s community.

Choose images that reflect the passion each person brings to your school, the reasons you wanted them on your team, and the reasons students thrive with their mentorship.

If you were a prospective parent, what imagery would make you want to lean in and learn more about this teacher and school? Curate real, authentic imagery to support your faculty stories.

3. Start with one.

Why don’t we focus more on faculty stories when we all agree that they are so powerful? 

We think the answer is simple: Time and resources.

Setting aside time to prepare, craft, and share faculty stories often comes second (or third or fourth) to daily marketing and admissions responsibilities. Plus, with so many amazing faculty members, where do you even start? Our advice:

Start with one.

To inspire you to start with one, check out this stronger story for Forest Lake Academy. They came to us for help on one faculty story and we are proud of the result. We transformed an ordinary headshot and profile into an inspiring story that can be shared throughout their entire content calendar and across all channels.

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Do you want to start on stronger faculty stories? 

Let’s start one together.

Here’s to stronger faculty stories for schools everywhere. 

See you next Monday,

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