Don’t skip a strong Story Framework

Last week we shared tips for developing stronger faculty stories.  Today I want to highlight a key element of our first tip: 

“Approach each faculty story with your school’s strategic story framework in mind.”

This is key – not just for your faculty stories, but for every element of your school’s story. 

Do not skip this step!

A strong and strategic story framework will (and should) guide everything you do as a school marketer.

So what does a strong story framework look like?  It looks like this:

download the story framework for free:

Simple and powerful, this framework will help you stay focused on an overarching vision statement and 3 core themes that will steer every piece of your school’s content, including your faculty stories. 

Spend time on it. Refine it. Love it. Print it out. Pin it up.
Have it visible at all times to keep you focused and your story strong. 

As always, if you need help setting your vision and editing your core themes, we are always here to support you. Be in touch and let’s talk soon.

See you next Monday,  

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