3 Tips for Stronger Content Themes for School Marketers

Last week we brought back the concept of a strong Story Framework. Your Story Framework should guide everything you do as a school marketer, including stories about your faculty members.

Every piece of content you create needs to tie back to the core themes set in your Story Framework.  If your core themes are strong, your school’s story will be strong. 

Here are 3 tips to help you develop strong themes:

1. Avoid being the same

Your core themes should be unique in order to set your school’s story apart. To be unique, we highly recommend you avoid core themes like:

  • Empowering Independent Thinkers
  • Innovative Curriculum in Action
  • A Deeply Connected Community

Here’s the issue with setting these universal and incredibly important independent school attributes as the core themes in your Story Framework: You will sound the same as every other independent school.

Don’t be the same. Set your story apart by elevating these important attributes with a strong point of view and strong student outcomes

2. Share your school's pov

To take generic themes higher, share your school’s point of view around these attributes. Start by strategically thinking about your school’s unique point of view on each universal attribute.

For example, why do your members of faculty believe in the importance of “Empowering Independent Thinkers”? What personal experiences have they had that motivate them to push the boundaries in this space?

3. Infuse Student outcomes

Another way to elevate generic concepts to strong content themes is to infuse student outcomes that are unique to your school.

For example, how does your faculty’s approach to ‘Innovative Curriculum in Action” set your students apart from alumni from other premier private schools? How has your unique approach shaped them differently and opened more doors of opportunity for their future?

When you apply these tips to your Story Framework, you will transform generic themes that every school offers to more powerful concepts that will set your school’s story apart.

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