How school marketers can share a little relief during COVID-19

Superparents are taking on even more during these extraordinary times.  In the midst of your crisis communications around closures and safety, here are 3 ideas to help your superparent community plan valuable days at home that are engaging, fun, and balanced.

Like me, your superparent community may be thinking to themselves:

“How on earth am I going to avoid days full of screentime over the next few weeks?”

“How am I going to keep my kids interested and engaged beyond the coursework provided by their teachers?”

“How am I going to keep the days fun and positive?”

Here are a few ideas inspired by teachers we really admire. They have given me a little relief for the days to come. They may also help your parent community.

3 content marketing IDEAS THAT may help you give your parent community some relief over the next few weeks:

1. Share strong book recommendations

This idea is inspired by the work of Bancroft Summer. A few days ago I was thinking about what I can do at home to keep things interesting and keep my kids curious over the next few weeks. It reminded me of the Curious List we included on the new Bancroft Summer site. It is full of great ideas for curious minds and parents who may need to be more active at home. I just ordered the Art Lab for Kids and Kitchen Science Lab for Kids books (thank goodness we are spoiled by Amazon Prime). I  feel a little more prepared for the week ahead.

I am sure your school has a few amazing reading lists you can share with your parent community, too. It is time to post those summer reading lists a little earlier than expected. They just may give your parent community – both enrolled and prospects – a little relief. 

2. Share Strong Activity ideas

This idea is inspired by a faculty story we are actively writing about an amazing PK-4 STEAM specialist teacher. 

What engaging DIY activities can you share with your parent community to help keep things fun and positive at home over the next few weeks? 

These should be in addition to the distance-learning guidance your teachers are providing. They need to be really fun, interesting, and a little surprising. 

You can keep the activities simple or get sophisticated like a Tinker Crate. But please make sure they only require materials that families actually have at home. No sense in sending them out on a frenzy for supplies. 

You can post an activity daily to help parents plan their days at home. Ask your families to post their results if they are up for it. This will help keep a sense of togetherness and team accomplishment while we are all at home. 

3. Share Strong Videos

This idea is inspired by our innovative early education friends at Scarsdale Friends.

Their district was among the first to close last week. Knowing their families need additional support for keeping their little ones engaged,  they are posting Read Alouds and Mini Lessons to YouTube. They are not overly produced, just simple and sincere videos to give families a connection back to school. 

They are even trying a LIVE session with their students and families via Google Meet or Zoom. This is brilliant. Imagine these young children connecting remotely for a storytime with their teachers and friends during this extraordinary time.

What videos can you be sharing  to offer a little relief to your parent community? 

Here's to a lot of positivity and hand-washing

I hope these ideas can help you share a little relief to your community during this extraordinary time. I wish you and your entire school community the very best. 

 See you soon,  

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