3 Strong Virtual Tours

The tour is a pivotal tool for sharing your school’s story. Strong tours lead to even stronger admissions.

The next best thing to an in-person tour: the virtual video tour. The character and charisma you can express through a virtual tour is impressive. Never let an empty room speak for itself!

Here are 3 examples of virtual tours we think do a great job sharing a strong story with great character and authenticity:

The First Day of Avenues: We love how they capture the energy of the first day of school. This showcase of culture, enthusiasm and optimism is sure to strike a chord with the right prospective parent.

Welcome to Sacred Heart Halifax: We applaud the charming tour Will and Abigail give of their school. There is no better way to showcase the character, confidence and welcoming nature of your students than to have them host your video tour.

Preschool Curriculum at the Children’s Courtyard: This story will make any new mother smile with the opening sounds of 3-year-old laughter. What impresses us most about this video: They know who they are talking to. They focus on the 3 year-old preparing for Kindergarten and zero in on what makes their school the right fit for that specific pre-schooler – not all pre-schoolers.

All 3 of these examples achieve a very authentic expression of their school’s story. We are sure many who viewed these eagerly took the next step to schedule an in person tour.

If you are inspired to update your school’s virtual tour, we are always here to help!

See you next Monday,

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