3 Summer Priorities

With a stellar academic year complete, summer is the perfect time for reflection and dedicated strategic thinking.

Here are 3 areas you should focus on this summer. Each will result in a stronger connection with your audience and stronger story for your school**.

#1 Your New Audience: What millennial parents want

This summer, focus on your ideal millennial parent. While millennial parents are universally smart, demanding and involving their children in life decisions like no other generation before, you need to focus on identifying and getting to know your ideal subsegment of this generation. They are your driving force for school enrollment.

Take advantage of 3 strategic tools we shared to build on the details of your ideal millennial parents and what they want. Using these tools to connect with your audience will lead to greater interest in your school for years to come**.

#2 Your Manifesto: Guidelines for your content

A strong story takes clear direction. With so many channels, tactics, and people to share your story, you need a strategic guide for consistency and strength.

Your manifesto and content calendar make up this guide.

Work on both this summer. Your manifesto will be aspirational, true to your school’s values and provide very clear direction for sharing your story by all. Once your manifesto is strong, build out core themes, topics and stories with your 2018/2019 content calendar.

Together, your manifesto and content calendar will help you and your extended team share a stronger story**.

#3 Superhero Stories: Heads of School and Faculty

Summer is the best time to break out of the box for sharing the stories of the people who make your school thrive.

Choose 3 stories to focus on across your multiple heads of school and your faculty. Approach each as a journalist would – do your research and get into the details of how they help shape your school. Push yourself on the execution beyond text and a supporting headshot. Consider videos, image streams, illustrations and even poetry.  You may surprise yourself and your audience on what is creatively possible**.

**If you want strong results, don’t do it alone! Bring together great minds from throughout your school and engage outward communications experts like us to push your creative thinking.

Need help with your summer priorities?

We can help with story development, research and strategy workshops. We will even take on full creative briefs. Just let us know what you need.

See you next Monday,

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