3 Tips for a stronger survey

It’s survey time again.

This is one of the most valuable times of the year for your school’s story. Resulting insights will inform your strategic planning and help you share a stronger story.

To help you prepare for your outreach, here are 3 tips for a stronger survey:

#1 Keep it smart

As you build in-depth surveys for parents, faculty, and students, remember your audience will very likely be looking at and responding to your survey from the palm of their hands.

That’s right.

They will be on their smartphones.

Make sure your survey is easy to engage with on the smartphone.

You have a small screen to work with here. Keep your questions tight, your wordcount small, and your fonts big.

#2 Check out Typeform

If you’re struggling to keep it smart and need a more mobile-friendly way to ask questions, check out Typeform.

We recently started working with Typeform for our EDU clients and love it.

It works beautifully on the smartphone and presents surveys in a very user-friendly, engaging way for your audience.

#3 Ask strong open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are important for authentic insights from your audience. Here are 3 open-ended questions we love to ask:

1. How do you describe (your school) to friends and family?

The answers to this question will help you tap into the real language your community uses when they speak about your school. Look at their carefully chosen words for sentiment and satisfaction. Also use these words when you write about your school. They will help you craft a story that is real and connects.

2. What is your most memorable moment of this school year?

Unique moments are at the core of a stronger story. The answers will help you identify the moments you should dig into and build your school’s story around.

3. What do you think is the most important investment we should make over the next 12 months?

The answers will give you insight into priorities, aspirations and issues that you can anticipate and address in your school’s story.

Need to get your survey up and out?

We can help.

Our customized survey solutions bring an impactful outward perspective to your results and action plan. We can help you with:

  • Survey strategy
  • Survey development & delivery
  • Survey response collection
  • Survey results: Analysis & action plans

Let’s survey together.

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