3 ways to share your school’s beauty in spring

I bet your school looks stunning in spring.  Your common areas, fields and playgrounds are likely blooming with beauty and buzzing with activity.

Here are 3 ways to capture and share your school’s beauty this spring.

1. Capture a real glimpse of spring

Your audience wants a glimpse into life at your school. They want to see where students go and where children play. They want a real view into ‘a day in the life’ and there is no better time to give it to them than in spring.

The way to capture a real glimpse is to put down the professional camera and take a walk with your iPhone at hand. Enjoy your campus, breathe in the fresh air, and look for unexpected points of view that really capture the beauty of your school in spring.

Go out with purpose and don’t hesitate. Grab as many photos and videos as you can on a beautiful spring day. You want your content options to be plentiful so you can edit together a strong glimpse of real life at your school in spring.

2. Get your spring storyline on Instagram

While all of your marketing channels will benefit from a glimpse of spring, we highly recommend you get your spring storyline on Instagram.

Your Instagram storyline can be as simple as capturing the buds and blossoms around your school grounds and campus. While you focus on the colorful blooms, the beauty of your school facilities and community will no doubt shine through from the background.  

Focusing on blossoms worked for Lehigh last week and it can work for you too.

If you need help getting your Instagram story started, check out our friends at Hubspot who are regulars on our List to Learn From. Hubspot shared this great How-To on Instagram Stories. It will help you launch your spring story if you’ve never done one before.

3. Involve the kids

We often speak about the growing need to focus on the kids when sharing your school’s story. Prospective students of every grade level are more involved than ever in deciding where they will enroll in school.

You need to share your school’s story with their perspective in mind. We know that they want what is real and that hey want to be involved from the Gen-Z insights we shared. This spring is the perfect time to deliver on both.

Involve your students of all grade levels to capture the buds and blossoms around your school. Invite them to share what they see. If you’re not comfortable with sharing what they capture immediately to the public, they can share privately with you and you can then curate, edit and deliver a strong story representing all spring perspectives from your school.

If you want to take a more advanced approach to inviting your students (and faculty and parents, too) to be part of your spring story, you can also launch your first Instagram contest with the storyline: Spring.

We can’t wait to see how you share the beauty of your school this spring.

See you next Monday,

P.S. If you’re intrigued by these ideas, but not sure where to start, let’s have a chat. Better yet, sign up for a spring visit and I’ll help you get started.

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