5 Trends every school should follow for a stronger story

Friday was fun. We had the opportunity to share 5 trends we think every school should follow for a stronger story at the CSA Spring Conference.

We wanted to share them with you too.  They are reminders of strong ideas we often talk about.

Here we go:

#1: We are all spoiled by Amazon Prime.

It’s true. We’ve come to expect that our needs are met instantaneously.

And we want it to be easy.

We want to pull out our phones and get what we need delivered to our doorstep with only one click.

Oh, and we want it on our doorstep no later than tomorrow morning.

What does this mean for your school’s story?

This means you need to work harder than ever to make it easy for your audience to learn about your school.

The most important place to make it easy is your website.

And by easy, we mean in ONE CLICK. Just like Amazon.

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#2 Millennial parents love expect Amazon Prime experience

Ok, so what do we mean by this and how is this relevant to you?

Because we know innovative independent schools fostering a lifelong love of learning are a far cry from an efficient online shopping experience…

But come with me on this journey for a moment.

Last year Tommy Adams gave a great keynote presentation at the CSA Spring Conference called  “The New Norm.” He shared many strong ideas. One of his points, we strongly agree with:

It is important to shift to an outward mindset.

We call this outward perspective Outward Optimism. It is part of our manifesto and we bring it to every project, big and small.

Outward optimism is a way to seek inspiration and new ideas for your school’s marketing. It is the commitment to know, observe and learn from brands your audiences (like millennial parents) love – brands far outside the independent school sector just like Amazon or like  Adidas or like Apple.

Once you get the hang of it, outward optimism will forever change how you think about crafting a stronger story for your school.

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# 3: Mothers need you in the palm of their hand.

What do all modern moms have in common?

The phone.

No matter their backgrounds, children’s ages, household income, or whether they work or not, they all have phones all the time.

What else do all modern moms have in common?

So much to do. So little time.

The biggest lesson to take from this:

Your school’s story needs to work on mobile.

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#4 Gen-Z: They want real.

We hear it all the time:

Prospective students are more involved than ever in deciding where they will enroll in school.

This new generation has significant weight in the final decision and their influence is growing rapidly.

You need to share your school’s story with a focus on this generation, which is no other than Gen-Z and a big trend for Gen -Z:

They want real.

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#5 Strong stories share real details.

Look outward to learn from brands that are doing a great job sharing real details.

One we love to learn from is SoulCycle.

SoulCycle is much more than a host of beautiful, innovative spin class facilities. SoulCycle has achieved cult status with millennial parents and is an inspiration when it lessons on sharing real details.

We also talk a lot about faculty stories and how they can set your school’s story apart. Take inspiration from how SoulCycle profiles real details on their instructors to how you can profile your faculty beyond the standard directory.

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There you have it – the 5 trends we think every school should follow for a stronger story.

See you next Monday,

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