A Stronger Homepage for Mothers

Here’s a little reminder of the universal truth we shared last week about mothers:  No matter their backgrounds or demographics, they all have phones all the time.

This means you need to make it really easy for mothers to take action from their phones. One way to do this is with a stronger homepage.

Here’s a simple way to make your homepage stronger for mothers:

Think about the most important action you want mothers to take and ensure they can do that from the very first frame of your homepage.

Here are two examples of stronger homepages we recently helped develop that put the action of mothers first.

The most important action Katonah Village Kids wants mothers to take: Schedule your visit

The most important action the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival wants mothers to take:  Bring the kids

We help mothers take these actions right away and right from the top of a stronger homepage.

What is the most important action you need mothers to take when they visit your school’s site?

Whatever that action is, make sure it is big and bold at the top frame of your homepage – just like Katonah Village Kids and the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival.  

Doing this will make your homepage much stronger for mothers who are all on their phones all the time. 

See you next Monday,

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