Are you ready for your Story Audit?

Ok, back to your school’s Story Audit…

We’ve been helping you prepare for your Story Audit over the last few weeks with two critical prep steps:

#1 We helped you prep your Story Wall.

A very important tool to tackle your strategic agenda this summer.

#2 We helped you reset your mindset.

We shared 3 critical questions to answer in preparation for your story audit.

I think we all agree that these two steps are important, but have you had the time to do them or are they still on your to-do list?

Now is the time to get them done because on Wednesday we will send you your Story Audit Survey to complete.

Your Story Audit Survey will be simple and powerful. It will help you identify and prioritize ways to strengthen your school’s story.

So, get it done! Set 2 hours between today and tomorrow to build your Story Wall and reset your mindset with your audience in focus.

It will be worth it.  Really worth it.

Until Wednesday.


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