Faculty Story Flash Sale

It was a pleasure speaking with Brendan Schneider and everyone who joined VirCon7 over the weekend.

I shared key trends for school marketers and offered a simple assessment to think about how strong school stories should be for audiences spoiled by AmazonPrime and iphones.

One area we all agreed should be stronger:

Faculty Stories

Faculty stories matter big time. Your Faculty members are delivering the innovation and connections you all speak so highly of in your stories. They are the real reason why every school is unique and empowering. Faculty stories are critically important when it comes to sharing a stronger story.

Why don’t we focus more on our Faculty stories? Why do we keep our Faculty in a directory ‘box’?

I think the answer is simple: Time and resources.

Setting aside time to really explore, create, and share Faculty stories often comes second (or third or fourth) to delivering daily responsibilities across social, email, admissions activities, and other content.

We are very passionate about the power of Faculty stories and we want to try something new (and a little risky) to give school marketers time and resources to develop stronger, more creative Faculty stories.

As of today, we are announcing:

The $300 Faculty Story Flash Sale

If you have budget remaining for the quarter and need to spend it wisely on something that will deliver real value and change the way you celebrate your Faculty, consider taking advantage of this Faculty Story Flash Sale.

The $300 Faculty Story Flash Sale includes:

  • A 1:1 review of your school’s unique value proposition and existing Faculty stories. Consider this a mini brief for the Faculty story project.
  • A 1:1 presentation from HelloMethod on how to make your Faculty stories stronger. Consider this the creative presentation. We will take your feedback into play as we finalize our approach.
  • PLUS! One proof of concept story about one Faculty member based the creative approach to get you started on stronger Faculty stories that will really connect with your audiences.


Interested in taking a little risk for the benefit of stronger Faculty stories?

Let’s talk sooner than later. We are only going to take on a few of these Faculty stories between now and the end of the year.

We hope to speak to you very soon about your incredible Faculty.

See you next Monday,