Fathers use websites too

Last week’s A Stronger Homepage for Mothers generated great questions and comments. One reader pointed out, “Fathers also use websites.”

Indeed. Fathers do use school websites.

Fathers, students, faculty and staff, prospective team members, alumni, community partners, advisors…

The list will go on as you think about the many audiences that may visit your school’s site.

With so many audiences, you need to prioritize who needs to take action right now and right from the first frame of your homepage.

You need a Priority Action Strategy.

Here is what to consider in order to apply a Priority Action Strategy for your school’s site:

  1. What priority initiatives are taking place at your school that need specific actions from specific audiences? For example, are you preparing for an open house, an annual fundraising event, faculty recruitment season or a specific student program event?
  2. Who do you need to take action to support these important and timely initiatives? Do you need new prospective families to RSVP, members of alumni to donate, potential faculty members to learn more, or students to get involved?
  3. What CTA words will help your priority audiences take action right away? Choose your words wisely – you only get a few to fit within a CTA button. Make sure your CTA buttons are strong and point directly to the place within your school’s site to allow your priority audience to take the next step easily.

A working example:

The Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival homepage we shared last week is a great working example of the Priority Action Strategy.

Right now, the festival needs mothers (and yes, fathers too) and sponsors to take action. They need mothers  to ‘Bring the kids’ and they need sponsors to ‘Be a sponsor.’ This is why we have these priority CTAs right in the first frame of the homepage.

As the year progresses, the priority actions will change. The CTA for parents will be more timely and relevant  with “Plan your day” or “Download the Festival App”. In addition, volunteers will move into priority status as the festival will have fulfilled their sponsorship needs and will shift their immediate efforts to volunteer recruitment.

Apply the same Priority Action Strategy to your school’s site – your response rates will grow and your priority audiences will love you more for making their experience strong and simple.

See you next Monday,

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