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We hear it everywhere: Kids are more involved than ever in deciding where they will enroll in school.

This is a sizeable shift in our culture. No longer are the days where parents control and own the huge decision as to where their kids will prepare for life. Kids of every age now have significant weight in the final decision as to where to enroll.

We believe there is a lot of good in this shift. We also believe it presents strong opportunities for how you share your school’s story.

So, while you celebrate the 4th with friends and families – and all the kids! – Keep these 4 thought-starters in mind:

1. Kids should be a summer priority.

A few weeks ago, we published 3 Summary Priorities to consider. Today, we officially add kids to this list. They represent a real priority audience and, like Millennial Parents, they are a driving force in school enrollment.

2. ‘Kids’ is not a target.

Just like ‘prospective parent’ is not a target, ‘kids’ is not a target. This generalization on your prospective students who are highly involved in the school decision process is way too broad.

Kids warrant professional personas. Really think about who your ideal audience is within ‘kids’ and push yourself to get into the details.

Start by creating simple subsegments (age, grade level, learning styles, interests, etc.) and continue to prioritize full personas from there.

3. What questions do kids ask?

What are the top 3 questions kids ask?

Not the over-prepared questions they may ask in formal interviews, but the off-the-record questions they ask mid tour? Or the questions they ask a coach or teacher within the subject they are most passionate about? Or the questions you hear them ask other students?

These are the questions that really matter. Once you recognize what they are, you can anticipate them and weave relevant topics and themes throughout your school’s story.

4. Are you sharing your story with the kids?

You may already be targeting ‘kids’ via Instagram or other social channels, but are you really sharing your school’s story with them in mind?

Your website is your story hub. What areas of your site can you start experimenting with to speak directly to the kids?

Perhaps you can publish a letter from your Head of School addressed directly to them. Or build an FAQ page just for the kids. Or share ‘A day in the life’ stories written from student perspectives.

There are endless creative ways to share your story with these critically important decision makers.

So this week, focus on the kids!

Happy 4th!

See you next Monday,

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