How to prep for a Story Audit (part 2)

Have you created your Story Audit Wall yet?

Yes? Fabulous. You are ready for the next step to prep your Story Audit.

Not yet? That’s ok. You can still move forward, but please find time this summer to roll up your sleeves and prep your Story Audit Wall. It will feel great to see all that you have accomplished in one place AND it will help you set an agenda for a stronger story.

Here’s the next step to prepare for your Story Audit*:

*A Story Audit is a holistic review of your school’s story across all channels and will help you set your strategic goals and creative agenda this summer.

First: Carve out an hour.

Second: Grab a cuppa joe, a notebook, and your favorite pen and find a place to focus.

Then:  Answer these 3 questions to prepare for your Story Audit:

#1 Who is your ideal audience?

We talk about identifying your ideal audience a lot. We fully understand you have MANY important audiences who need to hear your school’s story. We also know narrowing down to ONE ideal audience is challenging, but you need to do it. It is the most important way to make the most of your Story Audit and build a strong story.

Need help? Here are a few popular articles to help figure out who your ideal audience is:

#2 What are the 3 questions your ideal audience asks most often?

Once you have identified your ideal audience, think about all your one-on-one interactions with them. What questions do they ask? What questions do they ask you at drop off, pick up or when you bump into them on campus? What questions do they ask on tours or at your fundraising events? What questions do they email you?

Really think about the specific questions they ask – big and small.

Write down all the questions in detail. Then go back to your list and star the 3 questions that seem to come up most often.

#3 What 3 things really make your school unique?

Now it is time to look inward and write down all the reasons your school is truly unique.

What are the things that really set your school apart from all the other school options your ideal audience has available to them?

Tip: Be really specific.

Are there specific classes you offer that no other school does? Specific members of faculty who make all the difference? Specific events that are incredibly special to your school community? Specific subject areas that you are investing in to drive innovation in ways no other school is?

One more tip: General themes to avoid

Once you have your list of specifics, star the 3 things that matter most to you and your audience.

Now you are almost ready to revisit your Story Audit Wall and perform your school’s story audit.

More to come next week!

See you next Monday,

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