How to prep for a Story Audit (part 1)

Take time this summer look at all you accomplished for your school’s story this academic year. Look at everything you shared – across your school’s website, emails, social, print and events – and prep for a story audit.

A story audit is, of course, a holistic review of your school’s story across all channels and will help you set your strategic goals and creative agenda this summer.

Here’s how to prep for your story audit:

Prepare a Story Audit Wall

Find a few hours, a printer and a blank wall. Then roll up your sleeves and prepare to look at your school’s story:

  1. Print (yes, print!) the most critical pages of your website, sample emails, sample invitations, sample social posts, and any other digital content you are really proud of from this academic year.
  2. Collect print examples you currently use to share your story. Include brand books, look books, view books, review magazines, brochures, posters, letters, and postcards. Any and all print materials that you shared with your audience this year should be represented in this collection.
  3. Now get everything you printed and collected up on one big empty wall. This will be your Story Audit Wall.  

Once you prepared your Story Audit Wall, you are ready to plan your story audit. But don’t do it right away. Take a day to breathe and get ready to go back to your Story Audit Wall with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. We will help you do this next week.

See you next Monday, 

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