How to produce strong parent testimonials

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Parent testimonials are among the most powerful tools for school marketers. They can be the most influential, trusted and authentic way to share your school’s story with prospective parents. In all forms, parent testimonials raise awareness about your school’s story, validate your school’s proposition and bring in the most valuable referrals.

Last week, we talked about how to ask for parent testimonials often. When you do, you will build a valuable inventory of quotes and short text you can infuse throughout your school’s story.

But what if you want to take parent testimonials further and invest in producing engaging articles, a social campaign or a sizzle reel you can use across digital and in presentations?

This is what you need to think about to produce strong parent testimonials that will be worth sharing.

1. Stay focused on your audience.

You may think the smartest way to produce strong parent testimonials is to focus on the parents in your community with the greatest social network and influence.


You always need to start with your audience.  Who are you trying to reach? Who are the ideal parents you need to attract to grow enrollment?  Be strong about who your ideal audience is and stay focused on them before you even consider who to approach for full parent testimonials.

Among your ideal audience, what are the topics they lean into when learning about your school? Perhaps they are most interested in how your school is pushing boundaries in STEAM or your University placement program. Maybe they are most intrigued by your drama program or the social-emotional support you foster on campus.

Once you figure out what your ideal audience is most intrigued by, focus on those subject areas as you plan your parent testimonials.  Think about the families who have been most positively impacted by that same program and approach them to be part of a feature on that topic.

2. Ask parents to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Now that you have your subject area focus for your parent testimonials, it is time to ask select families to be part of a story bigger than themselves.

For example, rather than asking them to be part of a scripted sizzle reel of parents sharing general praise about your school, ask them to be part of a feature where they can share specific feedback about a beloved teacher who helped their child develop their curiosity or a specific project where their child developed their understanding of a particular point of view.

This approach allows your parents to be part of a story bigger than themselves and when they are, they are more likely to share those proud stories with friends, families and their entire network.

Let’s do this.

I hope this inspires you to make your parent testimonials part of a stronger story. When you are ready to better understand what your ideal audience really cares about and how you can develop stories your parents can be part of, we are here to help.

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