How will you celebrate 2019?

It is time to plan how you will celebrate your school’s strong moments from throughout 2019. Here’s a little outward optimism to inspire you to get started: The Getty Images 2019 Year in Focus, which was posted last week:

The 2019 Year in Focus by Getty Images

This stunning showcase is a feast for the eyes. It celebrates the moments that mattered in entertainment in 2019 in a way that sets Getty Images apart from other innovative media companies.

This showcase also serves as an inspiration for us as school marketers.

Here’s how can apply inspiration from the Getty Images 2019 Year in Focus for a stronger story:

Create your own 2019 Year in Focus for your school. It can be simple to produce and powerful to share.

Here’s how to keep it simple and powerful:

1. PLAN: Add your own 2019 Year in Focus to your school’s content plan and content calendar.

2. GATHER & EDIT: Think about the moments from 2019 that really set your school apart and gather images that represent the best of those moments.

Edit the imagery for a strong visual showcase of what really mattered in 2019. Edit with a keen eye for images that share sincere or unexpected details. These details will help make your 2019 showcase stronger.

3. CREATE: Create your 2019 showcase. Your creation can be as simple as a PhotoGrid, slideshow, or short movie clip.

4. SHARE: Share your showcase across all of your marketing efforts including your social feeds, emails, newsletters, and pre-tour presentations.

There you have it. A simple and powerful idea to help you celebrate 2019 and share a very strong story about your school.

See you next Monday,

P.S. Need help to get your 2019 Year In Focus done? Let’s talk.

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