Listen, support and invest for a stronger story

This Friday is the Annual Spring Conference for the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools.

We are looking forward to the keynote this year: Prioritizing Community Relations by Alison Cady, Director of Strategic Planning and Communications from Choate Rosemary Hall.

Alison will be speaking about how to engage with audiences throughout your community for positive community relations. She will be sharing her point of view on the importance of listening to, supporting and investing in your audience.

We agree on the importance of audience engagement – not just for stronger community relations, but for an overall stronger story for your school. Your audience needs to be at the core and we can’t wait to hear and learn from what Alison has to say.

For our Connecticut readers, we hope to see you on Friday. There is still time to register.

For our readers from around the world, we will share what we learn from the brilliant CSA minds with you next week.

See you next Monday,

P.S. Last year’s keynote by Tommy Adams, Head of School at Grosse Pointe Academy, really struck a strong chord with us. Tommy spoke about the importance of adopting an outward mindset. We strongly agree with the importance of an outward perspective. Constantly looking beyond campus lines will always inspire greater creativity and help every school share a stronger story. Read more.

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