The HelloMethod approach:

Our approach to school marketing is based on experience working with the bravest minds in creativity.

We apply everything we’ve learned from the creative media industry and bring it all to schools.


Because stronger stories will lead to stronger schools.

And, quite honestly, we believe stronger schools and better education for everyone is the most important thing in the world.

The HelloMethod manifesto:

Supportive of our mission, our manifesto is our promise of intent, motivation, and point of view for school marketers everywhere.

We believe school marketing teams should have manifestos too. A manifesto is a powerful promise that strategically influences every decision you make – big and small –  as you share your school’s story.

A manifesto transcends teaching methods, facilities and innovative curriculum. It is the connection you make with your audience that is deep and lasting.

Whether you share it publicly or in-confidence internally, your manifesto is a powerful tool to guide, inspire and propel your team.

Here is ours*:



Every school has a unique story to tell. Therefore, no two school stories should look or sound alike. A school’s individuality must be reflected in every element of their story. A stronger story is a distinguished story: creatively reflecting individual values, quality, and character with unique words, images and design.


We dedicate ourselves to the craft of storytelling. We allow ourselves to get lost in the process of making something meaningful to ultimately focus in on original ideas. We don’t accept what is expected. We push ourselves for the benefit of imagination and are constantly learning from and inspired by the greater world.


A wide-eyed sense of wonder leads us to constantly observe outward for what is making a difference in the lives of our audiences. We are lifelong learners of the bravest minds in creativity and look to people with different backgrounds and expertise for inspiration.

*Our manifesto is a living promise strongly influenced by the work of Seth Godin, Blake Mycoskie, Tommy Adams and the entire branding team at RedBull

The HelloMethod Process:


We learn your story.

We learn about what motivates your community to support your school through the art of conversation and the science of active listening, complete immersion and creative research techniques.

We learn the essence of your story and what makes  your school unique and intriguing.

We learn about your audience and what makes them lean in to support your school and take action.


We focus your story.

We focus on how to tell your story.

We focus on what matters to your community and strengthen your messaging through our proven content techniques.

We focus on core themes to express your story. These themes provide clear direction for how you tell your story in the most compelling, relevant and ‘take-action’ way.


We deliver your story.

We adopt best practices across all message points to share the essence of your story.


We use every opportunity to share your story with your audience.

With your story shared, we help build a stronger school.