One word: Apple

We’ve been talking a lot about strong website design. We’ve also been looking outward to brands your audience loves for lessons in usability, simplicity and strong messaging.

We looked to Amazon. We’ve looked to Adidas. Today, let’s look to another A in simple design: Apple.

There is actually nothing simple about Apple. They stand for innovation, creativity, intellect, and leadership. Yet, they work tirelessly to create a simple experience in everything they design because simplicity is what their audience wants and needs.

So, how can you apply some of Apple’s greatness to your design?

Well, let’s keep it really simple.

Take a look at Apple’s homepage. Notice anything about their navigation?


It’s all one word.

In one word, Apple helps visitors get to where they want to be. Then, once they’re there, they help them explore further, go deeper, and learn more.


You may be thinking, “This is easy for Apple because they are product driven.” Well, it’s not. It takes great strategy, prioritization, editing and commitment to the user’s experience.

They choose seven strong one-word navigation categories because they know visitors, especially first-time visitors, don’t want to get lost or frustrated.

But they don’t limit their story to these seven categories. They unpack their whole story with more details and opportunities in their bottom navigation.


The bottom navigation is where we’re all trained to go if they want to learn ‘About us’ from a brand. Apple uses it in a way many of us use our primetime navigation.


Look to Apple as inspiration to continue to edit, refine and simplify your site’s navigation. You may not get all the way to one-word categories, but you will achieve a simpler design for your audience, greater clarity of thought, and a stronger story through your website.

See you next Monday,

Cheryl Sig@500px

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