An App you can’t live without: Orange Theory

We are excited to be part of VirCon7 with Brendan Schneider. To build anticipation, Brendan has been publishing “10 Questions” with all the professionals who will be part of Saturday’s event.

His latest 10 Questions with Trevor Waddington plugs a brand we often look to for inspiration: Orange Theory. It was Trevor’s answer to the question, “What is one App that you can’t live without?”.

Orange Theory is a powerful emerging brand. Like SoulCycle, we look to Orange Theory with outward optimism. It is a brand that really understands their audience and puts the needs of their audience first when it comes to content.

Orange Theory is also a great working example of the power of consistency. Consistency is a quality of a strong story. Strong stories are consistent across visual elements and tone of voice. Orange Theory achieves both and this is why it is a brand audiences can’t live without.

How does Orange Theory maintain such a strong story across everything – from their App to their website, emails, social and in-studio experience?

Answer: Strategic story guidelines

Every story needs strong guidelines. This especially holds true for school stories and this is something we will be discussing in more detail on Saturday!

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