School marketers: Understand the value you bring

We had the opportunity to present to the distinguished members of the Golden Key International Honour Society over the weekend. Golden Key invited us to share advice on how to “Build a brand that is worth more than gold.”

We shared five lessons for building a strong brand. Today, we are sharing the #1 lesson with all of our school marketer followers because it is also critical as you continue to build a strong story for your school.

The #1 lesson to building a stronger story for your school is to understand the value you bring.

In the spirit of outward optimism, take a look at the value of Virgin.

Virgin brings incredible products and services to audiences, but their products and services are not the value that they bring. The value they bring to their audience is seeped in personality, passions, and a point of view.

These values are what make all Virgin products and services so irresistible.

How can we all learn from the value Virgin brings to their audiences?

Your job is to express the value your school brings to your students, parents, faculty, and alumni through your school’s story. Your school’s value is a lot more than a strong curriculum, state of the art campus and distinguished faculty directory.

Of course, you need to share the impressive details of these fundamentals, but your value is so much more. Your value is in the personality of your students, point of view of your leadership, passions of your faculty, and full experience of being part of your community.

Understand the value you bring and share it throughout your school’s story. Share your value with every word, every image, and every presentation. As a result, you will build a stronger story for one of the world’s most irresistible schools.

See you next Monday,

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