Show vs. Tell

A laugh and a heartfelt moment

Liza and Rob from InspirED, who made our List to Learn From twice, shared “No reason marketing can’t be fun” with a video from Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School we love.

This showcases exactly what we’ve been getting at the last few weeks: By focusing on your ideal audience and understanding them as real people, you can share your school’s story in a way that truly connects.

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall could simply tell us that their school leadership develops authentic relationships with their students. But they didn’t. Instead, they show us:

And this is not the only creative and engaging way they express their story. Here is another great video where they ‘Show vs. Tell’ us about the supportive and grateful nature of the school community:


We believe Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall bravely focuses in on their ideal audience and, in turn, shares their school’s story in a way that really connects.

Here’s to starting the week off with a laugh and a heartfelt moment.

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