Strategic Audience Tools for School Marketers

Liza from the InspirED Brilliance Awards recently asked me for my top advice for school marketers in this interview. I want to share the first point of advice again today as many of you kick off strategic planning after a refreshing Spring Break.

“Before you spend another dollar on marketing or brand:
Start with your audience.

Spend time and energy understanding their perspective, the language they use and what matters most to them. It will steer your focus and help you deliver materials that will really connect – allowing you to make the most of your marketing budget.”

We have 3 strong tools we will share over the next few weeks to help you with your audience:

1. The Persona

A portrait of your ideal audience that connects with them as real people with real interests and real daily pressures.

2. The Journey

A mapping of what marketing content is most important to your audience when they are discovering new schools, exploring the details of the culture and curriculum, and making a final decision to visit, apply, enroll and recommend.

3. A Day in the Life *

A depiction of a day in their life of consuming content. Not school content –  but their real, daily content they can’t live without. From when they wake up to when they rest their heads, we illustrate the most prominent apps, podcasts, publications, Netflix series, books and emails they love.

*You will be amazed by the insight and inspiration you will gain from each of these tools as you update your marketing content, but we have to admit, this one is our all time favorite and where we get our most effective ideas when we help schools improve their marketing tactics!

Can’t wait for the next few weeks to get your hands on these tools? Need them right away? Contact us and we will get them to you stat so you can make the most of your planning season.

See you next Monday,

Cheryl Sig@500px