Stronger Stories in 2019

Happy 2019!

We are so lucky.

We get to work with strong, passionate teams who are ready for a stronger story for their school.  

There is great promise working across K-12, universities and beyond, but we must admit we have a soft spot for early childhood education.

The sights and sounds of a strong early childhood school always capture our imaginations. The supporting sites and stories, however, don’t always do the same.

We think they should.

Enter HelloMethod.

With the New Year, we launched a stronger story for a small, independent school just north of New York City:  Katonah Village Kids.

They came to us with this:

A site lacking credibility, character and creativity when their school is all about credibility, character and creativity.

We helped them strengthen their story with a stronger brand identity, stronger website and stronger story, which resulted in this:

(Homepage hero)

How did we do it?

We started by learning about their audience and identified core differentiators their ideal parents really care about.

We focused in on core themes to express the unique Katonah Village Kids story grounded in credibility, character, and creativity.

We looked outward for inspiration from brands their audience loves. In this case, early childhood authors and illustrators like Todd Parr and Eric Carle had a big influence on the resulting creative.

Enjoy this stronger brand and cheers to many more stronger stories in 2019.

See you next Monday,

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