Summer reading for school marketers

Need a creative fix this summer? Inspiration as you work on your 2019-2020 plans and materials? Fresh ideas for a stronger story?

Here are three strong reads to add to the pile of industry mags you intend to catch up on this summer (NAIS, anyone?). We love to flip through these for creative inspiration. They complement our focus on academics and enrollment tactics. They also help us stay true to our school marketing manifesto of individuality, creativity and outward optimism.

Check them out poolside, by the seashore, or as you travel this summer. You can easily swipe from your phone for inspiration, but we highly recommend getting your hands on the print copies if you can.  They are full of fresh creative ideas to help make your school’s story stronger. 

Here they are complete with real reviews from our #1 creative muse on our List to Learn From: IDEO.

#1: BranD

[BranD] is a Hong Kong-based magazine that explores communication design in visual art, advertising, products, graphic design, and architecture. It brings together designers, artists, art directors, marketing specialists, and business-minded people of all stripes to share new ways to express ideas and brands visually… It’s a great vehicle to stay connected to the ways other designers are stretching their own skills and building their crafts in a discipline—comms design—that is always evolving. —Joshua Lavra, IDEO San Francisco

#2 B Magazine

B magazine takes an advertisement-free, documentary approach to a single iconic brand. It’s covered many amazing brands, from the luxury to the mundane, including LEGO, Ray-Ban, and Bic. Each issue goes deep into the people, history, evolution, products, experiences, and philosophies of the brand it covers. Fans and collectors are also often included. I recommend it to anyone who likes branding and brand strategy, or just loves products and design. The many ways it looks at a brand and all its expressions goes far beyond simple identity and logo. —Clark Scheffy, IDEO San Francisco

#3: Surface

Surface is a New York magazine that covers a little of everything—design, architecture, fashion, culture, and travel… The magazine examines culture through the lens of design and has a whiff of one of my favorite blogs, Sight Unseen. It’s conspicuous consumption for sure, but sometimes that’s what magazines are for. —Lindsey Turner, IDEO Cambridge

Check out more creative reads here.

Enjoy. Be creative.

See you next Monday,

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