Super Bowl Ads for School Marketers

We love the whole production of the Super Bowl and we really love the ads (what marketer doesn’t, right?!).

Here are two spots we think are pretty inspiring for school marketers. Brought to us by Coke and Google, these spots can inspire the next video showcase for your school. 

1. A Coke is a Coke | Coca Cola

Coke expresses a big point of view in this spot with Being Different Together. The script is beautiful, the voices they use showcase diversity, and the illustration production is creative and captivating.

How could you apply some of Coke’s ideas in the next video showcase for your school? Thought-starters:

  • What is the big idea you would express through your script?
  • Whose voices would help showcase the diversity of your community?
  • How could you bring in artwork like illustrations to demonstrate the creativity that flourishes in your learning environment?

2. 100 Billion Words | Google

Google’s 100 Billion Words is full of emotion. Real emotion. While this spot is promoting a functional benefit of Google products (powerful translation), it is sharing a much bigger idea of human connection. 

How do they achieve this? By allowing real people and real moments express the power of 100 billion words. The spot is a beautiful collection of what looks like user-generated moments, allowing their users to share their story for them. 

How can you apply the power of user-generated moments in your next video showcase? Thought-starters:

  • How can you capture real moments that demonstrate the impact your school has on your students and their families?
  • How can you involve your students in submitting video and imagery from their point of view?

We hope these thought-starters inspired by big Super Bowl advertisers inspire you to produce a more creative, stronger story for your school. 

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