Faculty stories in a box

We are interrupting the scheduled HelloJoe series (Strategic Spring: Audience Tools) with #NationalSuperHeroDay. This Saturday is the day. While this is a  great time to celebrate our teachers (of course), this is also a great time to think about how we share their stories.

Moment of truth: Do you stick your school’s superheroes in a box?

Your teachers have amazing stories that your students, parents and donors want to hear and read. Yet, when we click to learn more, we find teachers stripped of their superhero qualities and stuck in a box: the faculty directory with a corporate headshot and a very basic profile of name, title and department.

Teachers deserve better. Your school’s story deserves better.

Breakout of the box with passionate portraits of your teachers.

Here’s how:

1. Forget the Headshot

We see so many accomplished, innovative schools representing their greatest superheroes with a corporate headshot.

Sometimes we see an effort for more authenticity and approachability with a greenery backdrop vs. the standard screen.

Even with the detail of open air, this headshot is not reflecting the dynamic nature of your teachers or your school.

HelloMethod_Boring Headshot

Forget the static headshot and start sharing passionate portraits.

Consider imagery of your teachers that will truly reflect the passion they bring to your school, the reason you wanted them on your faculty in the first place, and the reasons students thrive with their mentorship.

If you were a prospective parent, what imagery would make you think: I want to learn more about this teacher. I want this teacher to help prepare my child for what lies ahead. I want to invest in this teacher and this school.


2. Forget the bi0

Once you’ve captured authentic and intriguing images, you need to capture the words. Rather than writing a bio for your teachers, write their story. Approach their profiles more like a journalist than a marketer.

Food for thought: What if NPR was going to run a feature on your school and showcase each of the superheros within? What would the headline for each teacher be? What would the story portray about the teacher’s approach to preparing and supporting their students and improving education at large?

A great place to start for inspiration is NPREd’s 50 Great Teachers.

Strong teacher portraits share passion and show depth with both imagery and words. They are thoughtfully crafted and help tell your story in a really considered way. They reflect diversity of thought, innovation in education and authentic accessibility. Passionate portraits are important to elevate your story.

In honor of #NationalSuperHeroDay, I hope this gets you rethinking your teacher profiles. When you are ready to craft your passionate portraits, we are here to help.

See you next Monday,

Cheryl Sig@500px