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Thank you is a powerful message. It will keep your community feeling connected and respected on every level. A few weeks ago, we shared the idea of thanking your parents often. Today, let’s really focus on Thank you.

As you strategically set your content calendars for the next academic year, challenge yourself to always include Thank you. While Thank you should be prolific across all content and templates, there are definite moments when Thank you can take the spotlight in your calendar.

Here are a few thought-starters:

The welcome back thank you

Reposition your September “Welcome Back” updates to genuine Thank you content. Headline the important work your faculty and staff continued over the summer with Thank you. This will reinforce the strength of your supportive community for your new families and share genuine respect for your faculty stories right out of the gate.


The new investment thank you

When you see your successful fundraising manifest in a new playscape, athletic facility or makerspace, lead your proud investment announcements with a powerful Thank you. Too often, Thank you is limited to immediately following galas or annual fundraisers. Keep Thank you going all year round as you put the funds you raised to work.

Extend your Giving with a year round Thank you

Most Giving pages do a great job asking for money. Right from the top, these pages effectively express the impact any donation will have and provide an easy way to give. But what about Thank you? This is a space where you can bring your Thank you to life all year round by sharing specific stories on how you use the funds to improve the lives of your students.

Use your Giving page as a hub for your Thank you stories and continue to push them out through all channels all year round.  By sharing a genuine Thank youall year round, you will also likely increase donations from your supportive community all year round.

A holiday Thank you

Need some Thank you inspiration? Look to John Hopkins University. Their holiday tradition is to produce a genuine and playful Thank you. Here are two examples that make us smile. They are simple to produce and have powerful sharing impact.

I hope this inspires you to weave Thank you into your content calendar. When you are ready to make your Thank you happen, we are here to help.

And, of course, thank YOU for always being here for us to share ideas with on Monday mornings.

See you next week,

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