Thank you improves opens

Allow me to share a trick that works for improving your email open rates:

Thank you

Simple as that.

Say thank you and say it in your subject line.

Here’s the story…

We are currently working on a new triggered email series to help a school improve new parent engagement and lead generation.

We are helping them adopt a strong “if this > send email” approach and improve engagement with prospective parents based on interactions parents have with the school. Interactions include actions like a site visit, email open, social media share, formal inquiry, open house attendance and taking a tour.

We were in the trenches of email creative last week and took a moment to look for inspiration on subject lines. That is when we were reminded of the power of thank you with this article.

Thank you works, especially in a subject line.

We experienced the power of thank you ourselves in our Monday emails to you. While our open rates are nearly always 50-59%, our Thank you for your content calendar email in 2018 resulted in our highest open rate for the year: 62.5%.

Now, that is strong.

If email is a big part of your marketing mix and you are looking to improve your metrics, try the power of thank you in your subject lines.

See you next Monday,

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