The One-Click-Like-Amazon Test

HelloMethod_One Click Test

We are spoiled by Amazon. We’ve come to expect that our needs are met instantaneously and we want it to be easy. We want to pull out our phones and get what we need delivered to our doorsteps with only one click.

What does this mean for you as a school marketer?

This means you need to work harder than ever to make it easy for your audience to learn about your school.

The most important place to make it easy is your website.

And by easy, we mean in one click. Just like Amazon.

Do you pass the One-Click-Like-Amazon test?

Consider these 3 simple yes/no questions about your website to find out:

1. Can your audience get where they need to be in one click?

There are many different audiences looking for information on your site including prospective parents, prospective students, enrolled parents, faculty, and alumni.

When they arrive at your site, can they easily get to where they need to be?

Can prospective parents with an incoming 3rd grader easily find information about your lower school?  Can prospective 10th graders easily find what they need to know about your upper school? Can your alumni easily find where to donate?

Do you make it easy or do they need to study the extensive drop-down lists from your menu to figure out where they need to be?

2. Can your audience get the answers they want in one click?

What are the top questions your audiences ask? Do you anticipate these questions and serve up the answers within one click or do you ask your audience to look for the answers buried within a complex matrix of pages and links?

3. Can your audience take action in one click?

What is the most important action you want your audience to take when they visit your website? Do you want them to RSVP for an open house? Schedule a tour? Sign up for email updates?

Can they take that action with one click or do they need to find their way to the right place to take that next step?

If you answered YES to these 3 questions, well done!

If you answered NO to any, you’re not alone!

Hang in there and stay tuned. We will share ideas over the next few weeks on how you can make incremental improvements to your website and pass the One-Click-Like-Amazon test.

SPOILER ALERT! We will share ideas on clean design, strong messaging, and outward inspiration from more brands like Amazon.

See you next Monday,

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