The School Story Audit

With all the preparation you’ve done over the last few weeks with your Story Wall and resetting your focus on your audience, you are now ready to take the HelloMethod Story Audit survey.

The purpose:

To provide a holistic review of your school’s story across all channels. The questions are designed to help you set your strategic goals and creative agenda this summer.

This Story Audit is all about consistency.

Consistency is a powerful attribute of a very strong story and we observe it in all the strong brands we love to learn from (think Apple, Soulcycle, and Adidas). 

Greater consistency = A stronger story.

Consistency is the pattern of expression that really impacts what your audiences think about your school. With this Story Audit, you’ll evaluate your story’s consistency across visual elements, tone of voice, and perspective.  

The questions will start pretty easy and may get more difficult as you go.

As a result of taking this Story Audit, you’ll identify where to prioritize immediately in order to build a stronger story for your school.

Dive in and we’ll send your results:

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